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Marugoto Teacher Portal

Welcome to the Marugoto Teachers’ Portal.

This page provides information on The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s Marugoto-related events for teachers, as well as useful resources for classes.

We hope you find it useful in your Marugoto lessons.




Practical Seminar

August 2024 (TBC)

November 27, 2022


Topic: Hints for Having Fun Teaching Marugoto ー Considering the Students’ “Can-dos” (All levels) / 「『まるごと』を楽しく教えるための考え方のヒントー学習者の「できる」を考える(『まるごと』のレベル全般)」

1) Seminar Series: Japanese Learning for Communication -A Marugoto Approach-
セミナーシリーズ: コミュニケーションのための日本語学習 ~『まるごと』的アプローチ ~

We hold seminars introducing the concept of Marugoto and lesson characteristics, separated by level.

  1. Starter (A1): Lessons Making Use of Students’ Awareness
  2. Elementary 1 (A2) – Activities: Audio Input for Communication
  3. Elementary 2 (A2) – Competences: Understanding Grammar for Communication
  4. Intermediate 1 (B1): Lessons Extending Students’ Proficiency
  5. Starter (A1) ~ Elementary (A2): Overview of A1 and A2 levels via Marugoto‘s Can-do Map
  6. Elementary 1 (A2): From Audio Input to Can-do Communication
  7. Intermediate 1 (B1): Lessons Extending Students’ Proficiency


  1. 入門 (A1) 対象:「学習者の気づきを活かす授業」
  2. 初級 (A2) 「かつどう」対象:「音声インプットからのコミュニケーション」
  3. 初級 (A2) 「りかい」対象:「コミュニケーションを支える文法の理解」
  4. 中級 (B1) 対象:「学習者の運用力を伸ばす授業」
  5. 入門(A1)~初級対象(A2):「『まるごと』Can-doの地図でA1、A2レベルを俯瞰する」
  6. 初級1(A2)「かつどう」対象:「音声インプットからコミュニケーションの『できる』まで」
  7. 中級1(B1)対象:「学習者の運用力を伸ばす授業」

2) Teachers’ Lab 教師ラボ (お休み中)

An event where participants can share their experiences with using Marugoto in real classes. Together, we think about how we can solve problems and exchange ideas for teaching practices, to achieve even better Marugoto classes.

Past topics covered in previous labs:

・Sharing Marugoto Experiences ~Reflection on Classes in Order to Improve~ (For Starter and Elementary Levels)

・Sparking awareness: How to utilize 「Let’s discover!」(Marugoto Elementary 2: Activity Book)




・『まるごと 初級2』「かつどう」学習者の気づきを促す「発見しましょう」進め方


Course Material Download

You can download audio files and supplementary materials for each textbook from this page.

Teachers’ Page

Sample excerpts, Teacher’s Notes, grammar/phrase indexes and more useful materials are available for each level/coursebook.

Other information about Marugoto coursebooks are available on the official Marugoto Portal Website.

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海外取扱店 & デジタル版

marugoto resource vod

Video Introducing Online Marugoto Resources

We have created a 17-minute video introducing Marugoto-related resources, giving an overview of each resource and explaining how to use them.
*Registration (free) is required to view the video.



japanese resources page

Resources for Learners Portal Page

This is a portal page listing the various online resources for learners created by The Japan Foundation. It includes access links to each resource.



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