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Sign up to borrow books from our library's collection of over 17,000 items.


Residents of Australia can sign up for a Free Library Card (or our paid Japan Foundation Membership) to borrow resources from our collection. You need to be attending an Australian high school or aged at least 18. The following are required:

  1. Valid e-mail address (loan receipts and library announcements are sent via e-mail)
  2. Valid ID issued by an Australian authority (one item from any example below):
  • NSW Driver Licence or equivalent issued by another state/territory in Australia
  • NSW Photo Card or equivalent issued by another state/territory in Australia
  • Student ID of a school in Australia (especially if applying for the Free Junior Library Card)
  • Australian passport
  • Medicare card

If you do not have something listed above, please provide any form of ID (eg. passport of a foreign country) PLUS proof of your current residential address in Australia (one item from any example below):

Utility Bill (water, gas, electricity, land or mobile phone, council fee)

  1. (Free Junior Library Card only) guarantor’s signature, name and contact number on the application form.

Find the type of borrower’s card that suits you. If you are not able to visit the library in-person then postal loans are available via paid Japan Foundation Membership.

Library FAQ

Is Corporate/School membership available?

All borrower cards are issued under the applicant’s individual name. Borrower card privileges cannot be transferred to other people. If you opt for the paid Japan Foundation Membership, a tax invoice will be issued on request if you need one for reimbursement from your workplace or taxation purposes.

Can children sign up for a borrower card?

High school students can apply for a Free Junior Library Card with an adult guarantor’s endorsement.

Will you send me books I want to borrow?

Can I borrow a DVD to screen to the public for free?

No. None of our DVDs and Videotapes are licensed for screening outside of a domestic household – even if you don’t charge any fees to the audience. Please contact the DVD distributor directly to arrange a screening licence. Schools in Australia can rely on Section 28 of the Copyright Act to screen a video program in class for non-profit instruction (conditions apply). Please read the information sheet compiled by Australian Copyright Council if you need further information on this subject.

What kinds of resources are available in the collection?

Chiefly print books related to Japan (text may be in English and/or Japanese). Other target areas cover Japanese-language textbooks, reference books on teaching language, JLPT study guides, manga, Japanese music CD, Japanese film/anime DVD published in Australia.

What facilities are available in the library?

  • Self-help photocopier. Charges from 10c per b&w, A4 side. Reasonable restraint must be exercised regarding Copyright protected material. The intent of photocopying must be in line with “Fair Dealing for purpose of research and study” which is set out in the section 40 of The Copyright Act 1968.
    Please note: Scanning and/or printing of digital files (or email or USB drives) is not permitted.
  • Public wi-fi up to 120 minutes. A single-use username and password are issued at the service counter.
  • Video (multi region DVD and VHS) and audio (CD) stations.
  • Public catalogue.
  • Reference service desk.
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