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This online resources hub introduces open-access digital humanities projects, databases and other material which may be useful for Japan scholars in the context of research or teaching. Resources are primarily sourced from universities, libraries, archives and collecting institutions as well as government and non-government organisations. While some Japanese-language resources are included, the focus is on English-language resources. 

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  • Search by Keyword (for targeted search): searches the descriptive text of all entries in the resources hub
  • Search by Category (for shareable links): selecting a category will open a new page displaying all resources in that category, along with the first line of the resource description. Produces a shareable link.
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The resources hub is a work in progress and will continue to grow and evolve. For enquiries, feedback or to suggest a resource, please contact:

Main image: Sourced from Centre for Open Data in the Humanities’ Kuzushiji Dataset (Source)

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