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Please read the following guidelines before creating your entry. See also Video Making Tips, and Classroom Ideas.

Entries close September 27, 2024.


Entries must: 

  • be from current Australian and New Zealand students from primary to tertiary. 
  • be 3 minutes (including credits) or less for the Primary to Tertiary Divisions
  • be 60 seconds or less for the Shorts Division (new in 2024) 
  • contain mostly Japanese language script. English subtitles are recommended.
  • include the signature item


  • Primary 
  • Junior Secondary (Year 7 – 10) 
  • Senior Secondary (Year 11 – 12) 
  • Tertiary 
  • Shorts (open to all primary to tertiary levels) – new in 2024

 Number of entries allowed:

  • All divisions (excl. Shorts): no restrictions per institution
  • Shorts: No more than 5 entries per institution


The signature item  should appear somewhere as a prop, be mentioned verbally or in text on the screen, or somehow otherwise form part of the film. It does not need to be the theme of the story.  The signature item for 2024 is bicycle (じてんしゃ). 


One winner from each division will be chosen, with the possibility of two in the case of a tie in one of the divisions. Please note that prizes are subject to change. 

Primary to Tertiary Division winners will be provided with trophies, certificates, Japan Foundation merchandise, Crunchyroll anime streaming vouchers, thanks to contest supporter Crunchyroll.

The Shorts Division winner will win a special prize.

All participants will be able to download a participation certificate.

Entry Permission

  • School teachers must submit entry forms for any applicants under 18 years of age, with the permission of parent/guardians. PERMISSION FORM TEMPLATE.
  • All visually identifiable people who appear in the video must give their consent.


Entrants are responsible for all copyright clearances for their entries. 

 Entry YouTube submission format

Upload your video entry to your own channel on YouTube.

  • Name of Video: Video Matsuri 2024: Video title – School name(State/Territory ).
    <E.g.> Video Matsuri 2024: Severus Snape’s Weekend – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft (NSW)
  • The description:  Include details about your entry and the ideas behind your video such as film inspiration or other background information in the description.
  • Privacy settings : Must be Unlisted (This means the video cannot be searched for or viewed without this specific link).


Contest results will be announced on this page and also via J-Teacher and email in mid November 2024 

Enter by September 27, 2024 (11:59pm AEST)

Video Matsuri - Entry Form

Step 1: Upload your video entry to YouTube (unlisted).

Step 2: Complete this form to enter.

1. Video Details

2. School/University Details

3. Contact Person

Provide Japanese Teacher's name if entering Primary, Junior Secondary, or Senior Secondary divisions. Provide one contact person's name if entering Tertiary division.
Include script writers, actors, directors, film-maker etc.

4. Uploading to YouTube

This is for privacy and also to prevent others from seeing your entry before the winners are announced!
Please copy and paste the unlisted YouTube video link for your entry.

5. Terms and Conditions

I confirm that my video is within the time limit specified in the Entry Guidelines (3 mins for Primary-Teritary, 60 seconds for Shorts)
If you have used ANY copyright material, please list above, with details of permission given. Please include these in the credits of your film or in the film description box on YouTube. Your film will to subject to YouTube copyright policies.
Permission is required from parents or guardians of all participants under the age of 18.

6. Feedback

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