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Video Making Tips

1. Judges’ Tips

  • Pronunciation – practice well and know when one word ends and the next begins. You’ll sound more fluent and natural.
  • Don’t overreach – it’s better to stick with your language abilities.
  • Learn your lines – don’t read off scripts.
  • Microphone – use a better one to capture quality audio or a windproof cover.
  • Simple can be good – because complex stories may be too hard to convey within the limited timeframe.
  • Script check – Ask your Japanese teacher or a native speaker to avoid mistakes

3. Signature item

The signature item should appear somewhere as a prop, be mentioned verbally or in text on the screen, or somehow otherwise form part of the film. It does not need to be the theme of the story. 

4. Subtitles

We recommend including English subtitles in your entry. How to easily add subtitles to your YouTube video: Add subtitles & captions – YouTube Help (

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