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Judges’ Comments

The 2016 Art Speaks: Japanese Comes Alive competition was really special. The entries highlighted great diversity from all over the country and featured an interesting range of artistic practices. What took me most by surprise was the exploration of the three dimensional form in the works of Anna Lui from Burwood Girls High in New South Wales and Laura Raleigh & Vidida Sontichai from Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School in Queensland. These works stood out because not many of the entries focussed on conveying and appropriating the artwork illustrated in the Art Speaks: Japanese language education kit in a 3D context. These works were unique and emphasized attention to the craft and creative aesthetic, they both really were impressive. Through focussing on a sculptural reinterpretation, these young artists played with scale and detail featuring different approaches to Japanese Kanji in their work.

Some of the works that exhibited dark undertones deserve a special mention because their technique, structure and merit were truly exceptional. The group entries and class displays were interesting and it was brilliant to see work that challenged notions of installation within the grounds of their schools; a great example was the installation from Belrose Public School in New South Wales. Also of note was the Year 3 entry from Capella State School in Queensland. For this installation and display, it was great to see such positive and fun energy being expressed by the young students.

The 2016 entries were fun, unique and fantastic. The range of Japanese script throughout all of the works was exceptional. While I do not speak or read Japanese, I was thankful for the translations and descriptions from the other judges at The Japan Foundation. It’s wonderful to see the Gallery’s collection being reinterpreted, appropriated and used to inspire a young generation in new ways to learn, read and write Japanese language.

My congratulations to all of the students.

Jonathan Wilson
Community Programs Producer

The judges were
Jonathan Wilson, Community Programs Producer, The Art Gallery of New South Wales
Cathy Jonak, Senior Language Consultant, The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Maki Russell-Smith, Program Coordinator, The Japan Foundation, Sydney

2016 Virtual Gallery

Winners’ artworks at NSW ART GALLERY website
Click To View The 2016 Gallery

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2016 Winners

Prize Name School Name of Work
Primary individual (Year 3-6)
First prize Corrie Sloan Luca Balgowlah Heights Public School Eye for an eye, めにはめを
Second prize Watanabe Rebecca Penrose Public School Mountains Ocean Trees, 山海木
Third prize Kubenk LORDS Beautiful, うつくしい
Special Mention Jasmine Good Dominic College The Spirit of Japan, 日本の心
Special Mention Kaia Walls Balgowlah Heights Public School Peace
Primary School Display Prize (Year 3-6)
Winner Belrose Ninjas Belrose Public School Serenty, Shizukesa
Special Mention チーム Withcott Withcott State School Kimono of Four Seasons, 四季のきもの
  Primary Classroom Display Award (Year 3-6)
Winner Dalmain PS Dalmain Primary School Cha, 茶
Special Mention Yr 3 Capella State School Art Speaks, Bijutsu wa hanasimasu
Middle Years Individual (Year 7-10)
First prize Anna Liu Burwood Girls High School Seishun, 青春
Second prize Anna Ong Sylvania High School Hope, 希望
Third prize Victoria Kantarelis East Hills Girls Technology High School The Artist’s Journey, アーティスト
Special Mention Maximilian Wright Mount Lawley Senior High School The Curse/The Grudge, Ju-on
Special Mention Tandi Guo North Sydney Girls High School Arrival of Spring/
Middle Years School Display Prize (Year 7-10)
Winner Annabelle, Holli, Darcy, Aaliyah Sinead, Jayden, Hunter Warner Bay High School Seasons, 季節
Special Mention Year 9 North Sydney Girls High School Youkai no Parade, 妖怪のパレード
Middle Year Classroom Display Award (Year 7-10)
Winner Japanese School Perth Modern School Japanese Fun Fan, 日本の楽しい扇子
Special Mention Halls Head Japanese Year 8 Class Halls Head College Crane Samurai, オリヅルサムライ
Senior Years Individual (Year 11-12)
First prize Naomi Segal SCEGGS Darlinghurst Dad admiring the fresh leaves of spring,
Second prize Lucas Hernandez Sylvania High School The Spirit of the Eternal Warrior, Eien no senshi no seishin
Third prize Laura Raleigh & Vivida Sontichai Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School A sinful woman, 罪な女
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