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Art Speaks Japanese 日本の美術

This resource kit for Japanese language learners introduces 16 significant artworks from the Art Gallery of NSW Japanese collection, and draws on the expertise in Japanese language of the Japan Foundation, Sydney, and in arts education of the Art Gallery of NSW.


  • 64 pages of tasks for Years 4-12
  • Learning Japanese as a Foreign /native language
  • 16 colour photo panels of art works
  • Authentic art works from early to modern eras
  • Created by Japanese language and art experts
  • Listening CD by professional native speakers
  • Comprehensible teaching notes

Why art?

Artworks are an authentic expression of the thoughts, feelings and creativity of individual Japanese. They can provide unlimited avenues for the language student to interact with these original creative impulses leading to deeper cultural understanding.

Promotes ILTL and develops thinking skills

This resource supports individual learning by providing diverse experiences of language and culture, and by asking questions that encourage learners to seek their own answers. The tasks designed for this resource involve noticing, comparing, reflecting and interacting, which are essential processes in the ILTL approach. The tasks in this resource were designed to develop students’ thinking skills, from comprehension skills to higher order analytical and interpretive skills, and critical thinking.

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