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Watashi-go Portfolio: Australian Edition

Watashi-go Portfolio: Australian Edition


The Watashi-go portfolio is a Japanese language learning resource produced by the German-based team Motto Tsunagu. This page provides an introduction to the portfolio, a useful resource for community-language learners of Japanese.



The Watashi-go (literally, “Me-Language”; language of self-expression, or self-curated language) Portfolio is a logbook for parents and children working together to develop language skills in the home environment.

The three-part portfolio, written and developed by the Germany-based team “Motto Tsunagu (further connections)”, is designed to be immediately accessible to parents and their children. The resource is also adaptable for use by Japanese language groups and language schools.

For a detailed description and guide to using the portfolio, visit the Watashi-go no hiroba (わたし語の広場) page on the Tsunagu website here.

The Australian edition has also been supplemented with simple English translations to make it easier to use for non-Japanese speakers.

** Please note: Actual registration must be completed on the Japanese page at the link above. To visit an English translation of the page, click here.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language:

What is Watashi-go?

Watashi-go is the language used by plurilingual kids, or children who are deeply connected to two or more cultures or languages. It could be the language of the family, the country or region they live in, the language they started learning in at school, the language of their favorite anime character, and so on; it is language consisting of a mixture of repertoires.

The Watashi-go Portfolio is a tool for enriching this multitude of languages. Plurilingual kids using “Watashi-go” have the power to connect with their surroundings, transcend differing cultural and linguistic boundaries, make connections with people, and connect people to different cultures.

(From Watashi-go no hiroba [わたし語の広場] on the Tsunagu website)

The resource Five points for fostering ’Me-Language’ of plurilingual kids can be found here (PDF, 756 KB).








Useful Resources


For enquires about the Watashi-go portfolio, please contact the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language at the email address below.


Facebook Group: Raising Japanese-speaking children in Australia

The official Facebook page for the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language  (in Japanese)

Community group: Tsunagu Germany

A community connecting plurilingual families with the aim to support linguistic development in children with cultural links to Japan (in Japanese)

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