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Results: #ASAA2020 Ideas Survey


In August, The Japan Foundation, Sydney surveyed Japan-related academics in Australia about how it can contribute to a Japan presence at the upcoming #ASAA2020 conference.

For more information (including criteria), see the #ASAA2020 Survey page.


The following suggestions were contributed:

  • Creative Future Asias – Japan’s Cultural and Creative Industries: Where to Next ? (case studies, cultural and national policies, diplomacy, engagement/reach, economic value, evaluation… effects, promises, challenges, critical voices, diversity, nationalism, diaspora…)
  • Contemporary Arts & Fashion in Asia (including Japan representation)
  • The Future of: ‘Japan Studies in Asia’, ‘Japan Studies as part of Asian Studies in Australia’ or “Japanese Language in Australia and Asia’.
  • Architectural – Spatial studies
  • The “death” of Japanese Studies, thinking about how organisations can work collaboratively to promote Asian Studies in Australia
  • Death Penalty in Asia: Lessons from Japan
  • Olympic Legacies: “Towards Tokyo 2020” or “Legacies from 20 years of Olympics in Asia: Sydney (2000), Beijing (2008) and Tokyo (2020)”
  • Student Mobility from Australia to Asia (including Japan representation), building on/responding to recommendations from the ASAA 2018 student mobility roundtable.


The Japan Foundation, Sydney is now liaising with the organisers of #ASAA2020 to determine which of the above ideas fit best with their vision for the conference and offer the greatest potential value to the Asian Studies community as a whole. We will continue to work with the ASAA conference organisers and the scholars whose suggestions are of interest to the conference committee.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to be in touch.


The Asian Studies Association of Australia’s 2020 Conference (#ASAA2020) will be held at The University of Melbourne, July 6 – 9 under the theme of “Future Asias”. The ASAA holds conferences biennially and attendance is open to members and non-members alike. The deadline for papers and panel proposals is November 1, 2019. For more information, see the conference website.

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