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Steam Dreams Exhibition Catalogue


Steam Dreams: The Japanese Public Bath

Published on the occasion of the Steam Dreams: The Japanese Public Bath exhibition held at The Japan Foundation, Sydney from February 12 to May 22, 2021.



Published by The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Published on March 13, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6451243-1-6

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 01.    Foreword
 05.    Local Sentо̄, A Surviving Tradition
           Eloise Rapp and Simonne Goran
 14.    The Preservation of Sentо̄, an Urban Communication Hub
           Haruka Kuryū
 19   Japanese Tile Culture Cultivated in Sentо̄
           Nodoka Murayama
 25.    The Art of Bathing in Japan
          Stéphanie Crohin
 35.    Excerpt from How To Take A Japanese Bath
           Leonard Koren
 45.    Exhibition Images
 57.    Works
105.   List of Works
109.   Biographies
113.   Acknowledgements

Yurika Sugie
Simonne Goran

Assistant Editors
Anne Lee
Eloise Rapp

Contributing Authors
Eloise Rapp
Simonne Goran
Haruka Kuryu
Nodoka Murayama
Stéphanie Crohin

Cassiel Merricat

Nina Serova


Daryl Prondoso

Header image: Mitake-yu, Minami-Uwara. © Stéphanie Crohin


Haruka Kuryū
Director, Bunkyo Youth Society of Architecture

Haruka Kuryū studied architecture at Waseda University before studying abroad in Venice, and is now a representative of the groups Sentō & Neighborhood and Bunkyo Youth Society of Architecture. Kuryū taught architecture at university before initiating projects to regenerate people’s interest in public bathhouses and their surrounds, showcasing the diverse charm of these regions. 

Stéphanie Crohin
Ambassador for the National Sentō Association

Stéphanie Crohin is an author, photographer, lecturer and journalist specialising in sentō. She is also the first official sentō ambassador as nominated by Japan Association of Sentō Culture. She has published two books, one about the art of sentō and a Tokyo sentō guidebook. Crohin is deeply engaged in sharing the charms of sentō and spreading Japanese bathing culture far and wide.

Instagram: @_stephaniemelanie_

Nodoka Murayama
Curator at Mosaic Tile Museum, Tajimi

Nodoka Murayama graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. She worked as an assistant at the University’s Department of History of Crafts before becoming curator of the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu. Following her exhibition on Tajimi’s mosaic tiles in 2009, Murayama led the setup of the Mosaic Tile Museum, Tajimi. Shortly after the museum opened she was appointed as curator, where she continues to serve to this day.


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