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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Oct 2022)

VOD登録:パネル・ディスカッション – 繋生語のこどもたちのオーストラリア人保護者の考えを聞く

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Title: Roundtable discussion by Australian parents of children of Japanese background: Thoughts of parents whose native language is not Japanese

Presenter: Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language (ANJCL)
<Held on October 15, 2022>

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タイトル:パネル・ディスカッション – 繋生語のこどもたちのオーストラリア人保護者の考えを聞く

講師:豪州繋生語研究会 (ANJCL)



【Message from Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language (ANJCL)】

In our Keishogo community, a large number of children are growing up in families with a Japanese parent and an Australian parent. Many of these Australian parents are multilingual and are often proficient in Japanese. These parents often participate in family conversations using Japanese, which contributes to their children’s development of Japanese as community language.

Our interview studies revealed that parents’ contribution doesn’t stop with language use. Their support includes being positive about trips to Japan, taking their children to Saturday Schools and being a source of encouragement for their children’s learning.

For this seminar, we have invited four such parents to share their experiences around raising their children, as well as their current and future aspirations. This will lead us to consider the roles of Australian parents in our Keishogo community.

【豪州繋生語研究会 (ANJCL) からのメッセージ】


【Session Language】

The seminar was conducted primarily in English.



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VOD Registration - Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Oct 2022)
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Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language (ANJCL)

ANJCL has been conducting surveys in Australia since 2019 on the Japanese language learning environment for speakers of Japanese as Community Language, with support from The Japan Foundation Sydney.  ANJLC consists of 8 branches, one in in every state/territory. The Network aims to increase and improve support given to KEISHOGO-speaking children in Australia, as well as connect with parents and teachers who watch over children’s development.





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