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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Feb 25, 2023)


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Title: In Pursuit Of Lifelong Enrichment: Challenges In Raising Bilingual Children

Presenter: Prof. Mitsuyo Sakamoto 
<Held on February 25, 2023>

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講師:坂本 光代 (さかもと みつよ)教授 



【Message from the presenter】

Bilingualism is often deemed to be desirable and positive, and being bilingual has indeed afforded me invaluable opportunities. However, since childhood, having been exposed to Japanese expressions that cannot quite be expressed in English and vice versa, I have also felt limitations as to what language can afford us. In my presentation, I am hoping to not only introduce auspicious realities of bilinguals but also a more balanced, nuanced perspective that appreciates bilingualism from a wholistic and critical perspective. Language constructs our ways of seeing the world. Having been exposed to different languages all my life, I appreciate how each language comes with its own unique understanding of the world. Ultimately, I hope to achieve a multifaceted worldview. 



【Session Language】

The seminar was conducted in Japanese.



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VOD Registration - Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Feb 25, 2023)
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Prof. Mitsuyo Sakamoto 
Department of English Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies &

Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics, Sophia University 

I immigrated to Canada in 1975, and completed my elementary, middle, high school, university and graduate school in Canada, and returned to Japan in 2006. I attended hoshuko for my Japanese, and learned English and French, two official languages of Canada, at the local school. As a 1.5 generation growing up in multicultural Toronto, I naturally became interested in bilingualism and multiculturalism, and eventually studied applied linguistics in graduate school. I have taught Japanese for 13 years in Canada, and currently I am teaching English in Tokyo. Recent relevant publications include Oya to ko wo tsunagu keishogo kyoiku [Heritage language education connecting generations] (2019; Co-edited with Dr. Kimi Kondo-Brown and Dr. Tomomi Nishikawa) from Kurosio Publishers, Tayosei wo saiko suru: Majoriti ni muketa tabunka kyoiku [Rethinking diversity: Multicultural education for the majority] (2021) from Sophia University Press, and “Nikkei” wo meguru kotoba to bunka: Ido suru hito no sozosei to tayosei [Language and culture of ‘Nikkei’: Creativity and diversity of people on the move] (2022; Co-edited with Dr. Makiko Matsuda and Dr. Seiichi Nakai) from Kurosio Publishers. 

坂本 光代 (さかもと みつよ)教授 

1975年に渡加、以後小・中・高・大学・大学院とカナダで過ごし、2006年に帰国しました。1.5世代として補習校で日本語を英語そしてカナダのもう一つの公用語であるフランス語を現地校で学びました。トロントという多文化な街で育った私は、自然とバイリンガリズムや多文化共生に興味を持つようになり、大学院では応用言語学を専攻しました。カナダでは13年間ほど日本語教師として教え現在東京で英語教師として教鞭を執っています近著に近藤・坂本・西川編親と子を繋ぐ継承語教育』(2019; くろしお出版)、坂本編『多様性を再考する』(2021, 上智大学出版)、松田・中井・坂本編『「日系」をめぐることばと文化』(2022,くろしお出版)等があります。 


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