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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Feb 2022)

VOD登録:つながろう・つなげよう!「わたし語ポートフォリオ」 – オーストラリア版の活用を考える –

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Title: Watashi-Go Portfolio for Creating Connections  – How to make the most of the Australian Edition –

Presenter: Ms Kaoru Matsuo,  ”Motto Tsunagu (Further Connections)”, Germany
<Held on February 12, 2022>

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タイトル:つながろう・つなげよう!「わたし語ポートフォリオ」 – オーストラリア版の活用を考える-

講師:松尾 馨 (まつお かおる) 先生、ドイツ  チーム「もっとつなぐ」



【Message from the presenter】

In this seminar, you will learn how to use the Australian Edition of the “Watashi-go Portfolio” that was released in Australia in July, 2021. In the 7th seminar, we learned the purpose behind the portfolio and how it is generally used. For the 8th seminar, we consider how you can practically incorporate it into your household. We hope to also discuss with you how the “Watashi-go Portfolio” can connect the classroom and your home.

We warmly welcome anyone with a curiosity or connection to Japanese as a Community Language!




【Session Language】

This seminar was conducted in Japanese. 



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VOD Registration - Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Feb 2022)
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Ms Kaoru Matsuo

 ”Motto Tsunagu (further connections)”, Germany


Kaoru Matsuo has worked in the field of Japanese language education at the university level since the 1990s. She has lived in Germany since 2000, where her son was born in 2003. She has led the Japanese programme at a junior-senior high school since 2006. Kaoru established a group for children from Japanese-speaking backgrounds in 2005, which became the not-for-profit Duisburg Dendenmushi Japanese Language School in 2021. Seeking education solutions outside the usual scope of Japan’s education ministry, Kaoru joined forces with like-minded individuals to form the Germany-based group Motto Tsunagu, which aims to connect theories on plurilingualism and multiculturalism with the practice of developing Japanese language skills in young people.

松尾 馨(まつお かおる)先生

ドイツ チーム「もっとつなぐ」



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