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Issho Editions

June 30, 2020 – August 1, 2020

Issho / 一緒 / Together

Issho Editions is a new online program from The Japan Foundation, Sydney developed during the COVID-19 pandemic with the intention to bring people together through experiencing Japanese arts and culture across the digital landscape. Launching in June, the program consists of pre-recorded videos and livestreams based on sharing creativity, knowledge and connectivity. 

This program consists of a four-part series that showcases Japanese cultural practices including pop culture, craft, music and dance from local and international artists. With these four areas of focus, Issho Editions aspires to initiate a shared experience between family, friends and the greater online community, forming closer ties with one another whilst engaging with new work from a pool of creators. As we all navigate a new mode of living, we hope that this online program offers people a sense of togetherness and a deeper level of connection to The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

Event Schedule

June 30, July 2 & 4, 2020
Pop Japan! Australian Experts on Cosplay

Part 1 of the series, Pop Japan! Australian Experts on Cosplay, introduces three experts in the field of cosplay within Australia. Their videos will explore the history and current climate of local cosplayers and offer practical cosplay tips with makeup and costume tutorials.

July 7, 9 & 11, 2020
Make Like Japan: Inspired Crafts at Home 

Part 2, Make Like Japan: Inspired Crafts at Home, presents a collection of cute, fun and easy to make tutorials that the whole family can enjoy. This series incorporates a range of crafts originating in or inspired by Japan, from origami to handmade stamps and notebooks. Whether you’re a crafting pro or looking to start a new hobby, each tutorial can be enjoyed by all, using common materials.

July 21, 23 & 25, 2020
Living Room Tunes: Tradition and Rhythm in Japanese Music

Part 3, Living Room Tunes: Tradition and Rhythm in Japanese Music spotlights the traditional sounds of Japan, featuring an array of traditional Japanese instruments including shamisen, taiko drums, and tonkori. This series is presented in the form of two at-home, intimate concerts, along with a fun and easy rhythm and percussion live workshop using found objects from around the home. 

July 28, 30 & August 1, 2020
Fluid Forms: Blending Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance

To complete the series, Fluid Forms: Blending Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance focuses on multiple artistic and technical forms found in Japanese performance and dance movements. The video performances feature experimental processes of contemporary dance and visual sequences intertwined with Butoh and Nihon Buyo elements. Accompanying this is a workshop for all levels on Butoh choreography designed specifically for dancing at home.

Latest Video

 Fluid Forms
Blending Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance

The Art of Butoh from Japan to Australia


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Header image: Courtesy of Lauren Eiko & David Huggins, Hello Sandwich, Dr Emerald L King and YuNiOn

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