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Make Like Japan: Inspired Crafts at Home

Get creative with these cute Japanese-inspired craft activities

July 7, 9 & 11, 2020

Incorporating a range of crafts originating in or inspired by Japan, Make Like Japan: Inspired Crafts at Home offers a collection of cute, fun and easy to make workshops that the whole family can enjoy. In the first video, famed Tokyo-based creator Hello Sandwich will show you how to construct a notebook using materials found around the home. You’ll learn simple bookbinding techniques such as binding with an elastic band or string, along with ways to decorate your notebook by incorporating masking tape, Japanese origami and more.

Once you’ve made your notebook, learn the art of stamp-making with Japanese stamp-maker Achahanko. In this video, Achahanko will demonstrate how to make eraser stamps with Japanese summer designs such as watermelon and fireworks. Following that, join Achahanko for a live Facebook workshop where you can interact and follow along in real-time as she teaches you how to make three kinds of stamps featuring Japanese designs: Mt Fuji, cherry blossoms and dumplings. 

Tuesday, July 7 @ 11am (AEST)
Tuesday, July 14 @ 11am (AEST)

Handmade Notebooks with Hello Sandwich
Learn simple binding, folding and decorating techniques in this video guide to constructing your own handmade notebook using household items and decorate it with Japanese masking tape, origami and more!

Notice: This video premiere has been postponed to July 14 at 11am AEST. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Thursday, July 9 @ 11am (AEST)

Making Hanko (Stamps): Japanese Summer Motifs
Design your own hanko (stamps) using motifs that represent summertime in Japan. Then, learn some origami folding techniques to use with your new stamps! 

Livestream Workshop
Saturday, July 11 @ 11am (AEST)

Eraser Stamp-Making with Traditional Japanese Motifs
Join Achahanko for a live Facebook workshop on how to make three kinds of Japanese stamp designs using common items around the house. 

If you would like to follow along with Achahanko, please prepare the following materials:

  • Eraser
  • Ink (light pink, blue, yellow and light green)
  • Cutter mat (if you don’t have one, you can use a magazine or book)
  • Pencil
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Box cutter
  • Wet wipes
  • Plain white paper
  • Plain white paper for making origami (A4/letter size)


Hello Sandwich

Ebony Bizys (Hello Sandwich) is an Australian / Lithuanian artist, designer, photographer and author based in Tokyo. 

Before moving to Tokyo in 2010, Bizys worked with Vogue publications for 11 years, most recently in the position of Deputy Art Director at Vogue Living. Since moving to Tokyo, Bizys has done art direction for books, hosted solo exhibitions, designed a Japanese fashion website and collaborated with famous brands such as MT Japanese washi tape and fashion house Romance Was Born. She has been commissioned to make artworks for Vogue Japan, photographed for Tourism Antwerp and styled and written for local and international magazines. Bizys has released three books (translated into six languages) and has been featured in books, magazines, TV and radio. She records her daily life on her Japan + Craft + Photography blog Hello Sandwich.


Asako Kasai (Achahanko) is a stamp artist based in Matsudo, Chiba. Born in Kanda, Tokyo, Kasai has been making stamps since 2010 while pursuing a sales career in several stationary and toy companies. In April 2013, she decided to become a full-time stamp artist. Since then, Kasai has introduced more than 500 unique stamp designs under her brand Keshigomu Hanko Acha. Through dedication and practice, she’s perfected her stamp-carving techniques, which are in line with world-recognised standards. Kasai holds private workshops throughout Japan, and has been featured in many exhibitions, including large-scale events such as Design Festa and Yokohama Handmade Marche. You can follow her work on Instagram and her website.


Issho Editions
Online Program


July 7 (Tuesday), 2020
July 14 (Tuesday), 2020
11am (AEST)
Video premiere on YouTube

July 9 (Thursday), 2020
11am (AEST)
Video premiere on YouTube

July 11 (Saturday), 2020
11am (AEST)
Livestream workshop on Facebook

Online on The Japan Foundation, Sydney
YouTube & Facebook

Free; bookings not required


(02) 8239 0055

Header image: Courtesy of Achahanko

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