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Online Furoshiki Workshops For Schools

**Accessible remotely by schools anywhere in Australia**

What is an Online Furoshiki Workshop?

The workshop is designed to deliver teachers the opportunity to gain insight into how to incorporate Japanese language and culture into their classroom, while students learn about traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloths and a number of wrapping/tying techniques.

Workshops are presented online by a Japan Foundation, Sydney language consultant.

Workshops typically run for 30 to 60 minutes.


Phone: (02) 8239 0055

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Who can Participate?

The workshop is designed for a group of students from Year 3 to 12, of up to 40 students at a time.

I have more than one class. Can I Book Two or More Sessions?

Yes. Please fill in your preferred times and dates and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.

How Can My School apply?

Please complete the online application form through the link below:

Online Furoshiki Workshop Application Form

Our staff will get back to you to confirm our availability and to discuss workshop content.

Can I record the video clips for future use at my school?

No. Due to copyright, you may not record any part of the workshop or distribute any part of it on the internet. However, a manual will be made available to run your own future workshops.

Can I take photos of my students during the workshop for our school newsletter?

YES, you can. We encourage you to take photos to share with your school community, in accordance with your own school’s media policy. However please avoid pictures of the furoshiki video clips (pictures of the language consultant are fine).

I don’t have furoshiki. Can I borrow some?

Furoshiki used in the demonstrations are 70cm x 70cm square cloths.

Your state or territory Japanese language teachers’ association have a number of furoshiki (70cm x 70cm) sets available for loan. Please contact them for details.

Can I buy furoshiki from The Japan Foundation, Sydney?

No, the Japan Foundation, Sydney does not sell furoshiki. There are shops online that support the overseas shipping of furoshiki. The specific furoshiki used in workshop video clips is “YMDS 70 Polyester Amunzen Reversible | Fine Sharkshin Pattern / Sakura” on this website (click here).

Can I Cancel My Workshop?

YES, you can. It is appreciated if you let us know of your cancellation as soon as possible so that other schools can take up the opportunity.


Our library has reference books about furoshiki. Please search in our library catalogue.

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