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We support and advocate Japanese language education in Australia through our programs and events.

Here is where current and future Japanese language learners can access online study tools, applications, and courses for studying Japanese at all levels.

J-Course (Japanese language classes for adults) is also available in class and online for learners of all levels. We also offer support, grants, teaching resources and more to Japanese language teachers for their professional development.

Online Applications for Learners

Free online courses that give learners access to our Marugoto textbooks at home. Available in A-1 and A-2 levels and in 6 languages.

Learn about Japan in Japanese! Hirogaru is a fun, informal, topic based learning site suited to A1 and A2 level learners.

Learn about Japanese language and culture alongside the contents of  the official coursebook of  The Japan Foundation, “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture” with Marugoto Plus.

Learn about the Japanese language in an authentic cultural context with video skits, games and quizzes.

Learn Japanese the fun way through character expressions and different scenes in anime & manga. It also includes multiple themed kanji and word quizzes. Japanese in Anime and Manga is available in 5 different languages.

Access various kinds of websites and online tools useful for learners and teachers of Japanese through ‘Nihongo-e na’. This website is suitable for both Japanese language learners and teachers.

Japanese language education resources that enable teachers to easily create teaching materials. This site can also be used to network with other Japanese language teachers around the world.

Access useful teaching resources for both primary and secondary learners, including the 力 CHIKARA Japanese Teaching Resources for Secondary Schools.

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