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Resources: Japanese Language Education

This page features open-access resources that can be used in the Japanese Language classroom.

Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan [Textbooks]

Produced by the Japan Foundation, this series of open-access textbooks is designed to help beginner-level students learn situational Japanese. Textbooks can be downloaded in full or by chapter, along with accompanying audio resources.

Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan

Japanese Classroom Resources

Compiled by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, this webpage aggregates a variety of online resources and tips for Japanese language teaching. The content is aimed at primary and secondary teachers, however some resources may also have relevance for teachers of beginner-level tertiary students.

Japanese Classroom Resources page

Japanese Conjugation Practice

This simple online tool can be used to practice conjugating Japanese verbs and adjectives, and offers settings to include or exclude certain grammatical forms from its challenges.

Japanese Conjugation Practice

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