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Online Survey: JSAA Network for Teaching Advanced Japanese in Australia

With the support of a Sakura Network grant from The Japan Foundation, Sydney, the Japanese Studies Association of Australia (JSAA) is establishing a Network for Teaching Advanced Japanese in Australia (豪州上級日本語ネットワーク) to produce, collate and share online course materials for use in teaching advanced Japanese at tertiary level. The course materials will be freely available via the JSAA website for use by JSAA members.

The first phase of the project is a scoping survey to gather data on advanced-level Japanese-language programs that are running at local universities and to ascertain future needs related to their delivery. The survey welcomes responses from educators who have taught advanced Japanese language at any time over the past four years at a university in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. The survey is open to JSAA members and non-members alike. 

This project is directed by Associate Professor Carol Hayes (Australian National University) and Associate Professor Ikuko Nakane (The University of Melbourne) on behalf of the JSAA.

Survey period: November 16 – December 15, 2020.


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