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What’s Your J-Talent?

Contest Results

It was incredible to see the vast array and quality of J-Talents shown throughout the contest. Thank you to all who entered and to those who voted for their favourite entries. We are pleased to announce the contest results below.

All winners will be contacted by email with details on how to receive their prize.

Grand Prize Winners


Japanese Rice: My Love Story 

An outstanding submission exploring the “art of Japanese rice”. This humorous video is incredibly well produced and features impressive cinematography, making it an engaging watch!

Pop Culture

君のマスク。(Your Mask)

Combining a well thought out storyline, original composed music and convincing on screen emotion, this entry illustrates a nuanced love story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Traditional Arts & Culture

My J-Talent |Mizuhiki knotting by AnnaJapana

A creative and skillful demonstration of Mizuhiki knotting! While Mizuhiki is more commonly known for its minimalist and traditional designs, this video depicts  a fun and contemporary take on the traditional Japanese craft.


The girl who tells scary stories

An entry taking its own spin on Japanese horror, this video is suspenseful and intriguing. Not only does it combine live action and anime skillfully, it displays a developed understanding of the Japanese language throughout its commentary.

The J-Talent Judges


Thank you very much to to following judges for selecting the Grand Prize winners.

Fan Favourites

The below entries received the most likes ? per category.



Traditional Arts & culture

Pop Culture

Staff Picks

The following stand-out entries were chosen by a panel of Japan Foundation, Sydney staff.

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