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VOD Registration: Online PD for Japanese Language Teachers (Aug 7, 2020)

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  • “Creating Reading Materials From Authentic Resources”  <Held on Aug 7 (Fri)>

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There are many benefits in using online news articles as learning resources in senior secondary and tertiary classrooms. For example, students can learn about a broad range of social issues, the current state of Japan, and Japanese culture.

In this session, we will create reading materials using online news articles in which simple Japanese is used so that participants can apply them during class.

This session divides reading comprehension classes into three parts: Pre-Reading, While-Reading and Post-Reading. In doing so, specific activities in each step can be introduced.

  • Pre-Reading uses the cognitive process of actual reading comprehension to activate background knowledge and predictions of the reader.
  • While-Reading deals with inferring incomprehensible expressions and practicing strategies for supplementing this with knowledge.
  • In Post-Reading, we will introduce activities to reaffirm understanding of the content, and exercises that apply the read content such as research learning and cross-cultural understanding.

If you would like to use online news articles in class or are interested in how to make reading comprehension materials, please join us in the upcoming session.


Session Language】 It will be delivered in simple Japanese.

Shunsuke Hirakawa:  Language Consultant at The Japan Foundation, Sydney


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Japanese Language Department
The Japan Foundation, Sydney

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