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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Jun 2023)


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Title: The situation and challenges of children in South Korea who are connected to Japan

Presenter: Korea Association of Heritage Japanese Language

<Held on June 3, 2023>

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【Message from Korea Association of Heritage Japanese Language

South Korea is now transforming into a multicultural society. In the seminar, we will discuss the situation of children with connections to Japan (Keishogo children), practices and initiatives for Japanese education at home and outside home, as well as issues and challenges associated with Japanese education, based on our research.

We have heard that there is a need to develop teaching materials, classroom activity plans and teaching methods suited to local conditions. Hence, our research group joined with self-help groups active in South Korea and formed a project team, compiling a collection of ideas for classroom resources. We would like to introduce them to you and invite you to compare them.

The relationship between Japan and South Korea has not been easy to resolve, and educating children about the history between the two nations is inevitable. It is a factor in forming the identities of these children, who will be a bridge between the two countries. Here, we would like to introduce the teaching method that our research group conducted in both Japan and South Korea on the theme of the Joseon missions to Japan. Australia and South Korea have some differences, but there must be many common issues too. In the seminar, we would like to consider such issues in relation to Keishogo education in these two countries and beyond.



【Session Language】

The seminar was conducted in Japanese.



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VOD Registration - Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Jun 2023)
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The Association was established in 2013 in the hope of developing Japanese heritage-language education in Korea, aiming at promoting communication between members.  Study meetings, fact-finding surveys, and speech competitions for primary and junior high school students are conducted. The Association has also published a collection of ideas for Japanese heritage-language classroom activities.A map marking Japanese heritage-language educational institutions is shown on the Association’s webpage, to assist people in connecting with each other.

Former Prof Keiko Sakurai (Inha University), president of Korea Association of Heritage Japanese Language
Assoc Prof Yoko Seki (Hanyang University), Committee member
Ms Akiko Iwama (World Language and Culture, Drake University), Committee member
Assoc Prof Hiroe Oikawa (Hongik University), Committee member







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