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Tadoku Webinar

Online Reading Resources and Book Talk in Simple Japanese

Would you like to keep up with your Tadoku in the comfort of your own home?
In this session, we will introduce you to a range of free online reading resources for all levels and give tips for a book talk in simple Japanese that learners from the elementary level and up can utilise.

What is the Tadoku method?

Known as ‘extensive reading’, the aim in Tadoku is to accumulate many enjoyable reading experiences over a short amount of time while only utilising existing language knowledge. Under the Tadoku method, you are discouraged from choosing difficult texts that includes frequent new grammar and vocabulary. You need to follow these four rules in order to maximise benefit from Tadoku.

  1. Choose an easy level to start.
  2. Do not use a dictionary.
  3. Skip words and phrases you do not understand.
  4. Too difficult or uninteresting content? Read a different book.

Who is this webinar for?:

  • Best suited for Tadoku lovers who enjoy reading Tadoku books of levels 2 to 3.
  • We also welcome all Japanese learners at elementary to intermediate levels who want to read fun Japanese stories and talk about them with peers in simple Japanese.
  • If you have not tried Tadoku before, please get familiar with the Tadoku method before joining this webinar as this is not covered in the session.

Session content:

Part 1: Online Tadoku and learner-friendly reading resources (20 min. presented in English)
We will introduce you to online Tadoku and other learner-friendly reading resources and explore their useful functions. We will also present a step-by-step guide to register for the use of Tadoku eBooks published by ASK Publishing. Best of all, they are free!

Part 2: Tips for giving a book talk in simple Japanese (40 min. presented in simple Japanese)
Have you thought of challenging yourself by delivering a book talk in Japanese? In this section, you will learn tips and strategies to talk about books in simple Japanese. We will demonstrate how to do this using online Tadoku level 2 readers as an example and give samples of book talk flowcharts for fiction and nonfiction books in order to help you express ideas about your favourite book.

Device requirements:

We recommend a reasonably large-sized display (PC or tablet) to view the session. Please use earphones or headphones to prevent audio feedback.


All times listed are in local Sydney time (AEST).

August 11, 2020 (Tuesday)

Online conference room opens at 6:30pm.


August 10 (Monday)
10am – Registration closed.
3pm – A reminder email will be sent. This email contains information to enter our Zoom web conference room. If you haven’t received this email by 5pm, please contact us immediately.


This event will be held online via web conference system.


Free; Registrations essential.
Max. 25 participants.


(02) 8239 0055

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