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Japan’s Leading Electronica Artists

January 31 – March 12, 2020

SUBSONIC is an electronic music “festival within a festival” taking place as part of Asia TOPA 2020, featuring a line-up of 25 artists presenting performances across three venues in Melbourne. This year SUBSONIC includes many Japan’s leading figures in the international electronic & noise scene – Ryoji Ikeda, NONOTAK, Makino Takashi, Boris, Merzbow and many more.

Asia TOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts is a stunning three month long multi-art festival that explores the connections between contemporary Australia and its growing diaspora. Now in its second iteration, Asia TOPA returns to deliver new creations alongside presentations of iconic and legendary artists, reflecting the contemporary imagination and lived experience of artists from the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Performance Info

©Kiki Papadopoulou

Performance with Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda

January 31, 2020 (Friday) at The SUBSTATION

A retrospective exhibition of work from across celebrated sound artist Akio Suzuki’s vast career, as well as a series of performances, including his lauded duet work with fellow Japanese sound artist Aki Onda.


Ryoji Ikeda – datamatics [ver. 2.0] and NONOTAK – Shiro 

February 27, 2020 (Thursday) at Hamer Hall

datamatics [ver. 2.0] takes the seemingly mundane – data – and uses it as a source for breathtaking sounds and visuals, while Shiro is the ethereal, immersive audiovisual performance by NONOTAK, collaborative project of illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect and musician Takami Nakamoto.

© Pier Carthew

Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep
Margaret Leng Tan x Chamber Made, plus Makino Takashi x Lawrence English

February 28, 2020 (Friday) at Playhouse

Created by a team of Singaporean and Australian artists, Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep is a sonic portrait of new music icon Margaret Leng Tan – an evocative exploration of memory, time, control and loss.

© Miki Matsushima

Boris with Merzbow
Supported by CORIN

February 29, 2020 (Saturday) at Playhouse

Renowned noise master Merzbow (Masami Akita) and fellow titans of genre defying heavy music Boris perform live together in Australia for the first time.

© Comatonse Recordings

Terre Thaemlitz

Award-winning multimedia artist, writer, public speaker, educator and record label boss Terre Thaemlitz takes over The SUBSTATION with two critically acclaimed performance pieces.


March 12, 2020 (Thursday) at The SUBSTATION

Soulnessless; Cantos I-IV

March 13, 2020 (Thursday) at The SUBSTATION


January 31, 2020 (Friday)
8:00pm – 9:00pm

February 27, 2020 (Thursday)
8:00pm – 9:40pm

February 28, 2020 (Friday)
7:30pm – 9:00pm

February 29, 2020 (Saturday)
8:00pm – 10:00pm

March 12, 2020 (Thursday)
8:00pm – 10:00pm

Hamer Hall
100 St Kilda Rd
Southbank VIC 3004

100 St Kilda Rd
Southbank VIC 3004

1 Market St
Newport VIC 3015

Ticketed event. See AsiaTOPA website for more details.


(03) 9281 8000

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