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OH!Bento Film Screenings

Bento On The Big Screen

April 26 & June 21, 2023

Join us for a special film series coinciding with the OH!Bento exhibition! Taking place in April and June, these free film screenings feature titles that embody the spirit of bento, and its role in strengthening human connections through food.

Dad’s Lunch Box (パパのお弁当は世界一)

Dir Masakazu Fukatsu / 2017 / 76 mins / Cast: Toshimi Watanabe, Rena Takeda / Japanese with English subtitles / Unclassified: All ages
April 26, 6:30pm-7:46pm

Dad’s Lunch Box is a heart-warming story of a newly-divorced father who vows to make his daughter Midori’s lunch every day until she finishes high school. Meanwhile, Midori it still adjusting to the new dynamic with her father and dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school life–friends and boys at the top of the list.

Based on a viral tweet that was retweeted by 80,000 people and received 260,000 likes, Masakazu Fukatsu’s debut feature film brings together a warm story of the growing bond between father and daughter, reinforcing the age-old sentiment that family connections are best built through food.

461 Days of Bento (461個のおべんとう )

Dir Atsushi Kaneshige / 2020 / 119 mins / Cast: Yoshihiko Inohara, Shunsuke Michieda / Japanese with English subtitles / Unclassified: All ages (mild themes and coarse language)
June 21, 6:30pm – 8:29pm 

Kazuki Suzuki (Yoshihiko Inohara) has divorced his wife of many years. His son Koki (Shunsuke Michieda) decided to go with his father, but because he’s at the sensitive age of 15, Kazuki is wracked with guilt that he may have ruined his son’s life. To make things worse, almost immediately afterwards Koki fails his high school entrance exams.

Kazuki had always been a free spirit, who’d told Koki that there was more to life than school, and that he should focus on his own happiness. But Koki’s decision was that he wanted to go to high school. And in spring of the next year, he successfully passes his exams. Kazuki asks him a question: “What do you want to do for lunch at school? Do you want me to give you money for the cafeteria, or would you rather I make it for you?” “I want you to make lunch for me, dad.”

From this moment was born an important promise: one of them would go to school every day without a single absence, and the other would make him a homemade meal for every single lunch for his entire time in high school. These lunches become a point of interaction throughout their busy lives. Even on days after concerts, days when he’s hung over, or days when he has to work early… Kazuki’s lunch-making frenzy is about to begin.


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April 26, 2023 (Wednesday)
Dad’s Lunch Box (Unclassified: All ages)

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June 21, 2023 (Wednesday)
461 Days of Bento (Unclassified: All ages)

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Free; Bookings required
Online bookings open at 10am on the scheduled day.

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Header image: ©2017 “DAD’S LUNCH BOX” Film Partners

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