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Kids Tadoku


This event will be conducted in Japanese.

Want your child to develop practice of reading Japanese books? Having trouble finding something entertaining that is also at your kid’s current reading skill?

Our Kids Tadoku event is just the starting point you and your kid(s) need. Enjoy fun, engaging material for kid’s self-reading. All books are graded by difficulty. At the beginning, we provide a guidance session explaining Tadoku method and parent’s role as a reading supporter in Tadoku. At the conclusion, there will also be a short period for feedback exchange. Kids will have a separate fun session including kamishibai while their parent participate in the feedback sessions.

Requirements / 参加要件

  • Can read hiragana (no teaching on hiragana will be provided)
  • Primary or high school children who use Japanese as a heritage language at home
  • Consent to be photographed

    • The Japan Foundation, Sydney, will be taking snapshots during the event and these photos may be published for promotional and research purposes. By choosing to attend, you are consenting to the possible appearance of your image in such manners.
    • The Japan Foundation, Sydney, will be taking photos of the participants’ reading notes, including titles of books each participant reads to collect data for academic purposes. The data collected will be used in a non-personally identifiable manner.

What is the Tadoku Method?

Known as ‘extensive reading’, the aim of Tadoku is to accumulate many enjoyable reading experiences over a short amount of time, while only utilising existing language knowledge. Under the Tadoku method, you are discouraged from choosing difficult texts that include frequent new grammar and vocabulary. You need to follow these four rules in order to maximise the benefits from Tadoku.

英語では‘extensive reading’として知られています。多読の目的は、既存の言語知識のみを活用しながら、短期間に多くの楽しい読書体験を積み重ねることです。多読では、新しい文法や語彙が頻繁に出てくるような難しい文章は選ばないようにします。多読の効果を最大限に発揮するためには、以下の4つのルールを守る必要があります。

  1. Choose an easy level to start.
  2. Do not use a dictionary.
  3. Skip words and phrases you do not understand.
  4. Too difficult language or uninteresting content? Read a different book.

Books for Tadoku

At this event, the library provides books from our Tadoku collection that are graded into six levels. Level 0 is the easiest level and is suitable for beginner learners who have just reached the point of being able to read Hiragana and Katakana. Levels 4 and 5 are for more advanced learners who are on the verge of reading an authentic Japanese book, and therefore these levels contain some titles written for the general Japanese population such as manga and bestselling literature.

[click a circle below to see a list of Tadoku collection by level]

Tadoku books level 0 Tadoku books level 1 Tadoku books levels 2 and 2 plus
Tadoku books levels 3 and 3 plus Tadoku books levels 4 and 4 plus Tadoku books levels 5 and 5 plus




July 16 (Sunday)
10:30am – 12pm
(doors open @ 10:15am)

The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Level 4, Central Park
28 Broadway
Chippendale NSW 2008

Admission is free. RSVPs essential.
Children aged 12 or younger must be accompanied by an adult guardian.


(02) 8239 0055

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