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JPF @ SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show

July 14-15, 2018

Celebrate Japanese pop culture at one of our favourite expos, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show! You can cosplay, enjoy fun and creative activities and meet special guests from Japan.

And of course, don’t forget to visit us for fun and free cultural activities, as well as your chance to win a Japan Foundation prize pack!

Stamp Rally

You can enter our competition to win a Japan Foundation prize pack by collecting stamps for completing three of our activities.

Prize pack includes:

  • 1 spot in The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s cultural workshop conducted in 2018
  • 12-month Japan Foundation Membership
  • complimentary double pass to the Japanese Film Festival 2018

Runner up prizes:

  • complimentary double pass to the Japanese Film Festival 2018


Anime & Manga Role Play in Japanese

Get into the spirit and language of a manga/anime character by role playing in Japanese with native speakers who will help you speak like one of six available characters:

  • shounen (boy)
  • shoujo (girl)
  • scrapper
  • Kansai-guy
  • ojousama (young lady)
  • samurai

Role play scripts are available for all levels of Japanese proficiency, so no Japanese is required to be able to participate! You can participate solo or with a buddy for a session, which run for approximately 5 minutes. Activities are available during the times below.

Schedule (Tentative)


Please collect a number when you arrive, although please note that you will be need to be present when your number is called, otherwise your spot will be given to the next in line.

Water Calligraphy & Papercraft

Unleash your calligraphy talent with our magic canvas board! No previous experience needed. Actual talent is not required either. You can write Japanese scripts, create paintings or patterns if that’s your thing. Just one condition: let’s keep it PG.

Since you will paint with water, you can express your artistry without the fear of ink disasters. However, your masterpiece will vanish in 10 minutes, so make sure to take a photo while it lasts!

You can also celebrate Tanabata (Star Festival) by writing your wishes on tanzaku and making simple papercraft, which can be hung on our bamboo decorations. Tanabata is a folklore which celebrates the meeting of two lovers who are separated by the Milky Way.

You can sign up to any of our newsletters, either in advance or on the day, to collect a stamp on the day. If you’re already a subscriber, just show us the latest edition of our newsletters or your confirmation email to receive a stamp.

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ICC Sydney
14 Darling Drive
Sydney NSW 2000

Paid entry into SMASH!, tickets available from their website.
Activities run by JPF Sydney at SMASH! are free.


For information on our activities at SMASH!, please contact:

(02) 8239 0055

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