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Free Films at Casula Powerhouse

January 28 & February 3, 2018

Part of the Manga Hokusai Manga exhibition program

This summer, The Japan Foundation, Sydney partners with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) to deliver a free film program to be screened in their state of the art theatre. This program complements the Manga Hokusai Manga exhibition which will be on display at CPAC from January 10 to February 4, 2018.

Each film screening will be part of a full day of free, family-friendly activities ranging from live music to hands-on workshops. Don’t forget to check what other activities are on offer and to make the most of your trip to Manga Hokusai Manga.

All films are for free. Limited capacity, bookings essential. (Book Now buttons below will lead to the Casula Powerhouse website.)


Dir Hitoshi Ohne / 2015 / 120 mins / Japanese w/ English subtitles/ PG, recommended for ages 12+
Janruary 28, 3pm-5pm

Drawing manga can be the death of you. Moritaka Mashiro (Takeru Sato) is well aware of this, having witnessed his manga artist uncle work himself to death. He is determined to avoid the path his uncle walked, despite being a gifted illustrator, and spends his days drifting in mediocrity instead.

One day, class genius and aspiring manga writer Akito (Ryunosuke Kamiki) asks Moritaka if he wants team up as manga artists.

The pair tirelessly work day and night to realise their dream of creating a manga series for Shonen Jump Weekly—a considerable milestone for every manga artist. With no shortage of up-and-coming rivals, will they ever realise their dream?!

This film screening will occur during Sunday of Earthly Delights, a free ticketed event by CPAC. Enjoy a full day of live music, DJs, films and more. Find out more on the CPAC website.

Crayon Shin Chan: Bravo! Samurai Battle

Dir Keiichi Hara / 2002 / 95 mins / Japanese w/ English subtitles / PG, suitable for family audiences and recommended for ages 5+
January 28, 12:30pm-2:05pm
February 3, 11:30am-1:05pm

One morning Shinnosuke and his parents have the exact same dream. Shinnosuke becomes entranced with the “pretty lady” from that dream, his dog Shiro also seems to have had the same dream and begins digging a hole in the yard. Inside the hole, the two buddies discover a wooden box written by Shinnosuke—however, the letter says it was written in the second year of the Tensho era (1574)!

The whole Nohara family, including Shiro the dog, are mysteriously transported to the Tensho era, in the middle of the Warring States period. Will they manage to find their way back to the present day while helping their new-found samurai friends?

The January 28th screening will occur during Sunday of Earthly Delights, a free ticketed event by CPAC. Enjoy a full day of live music, DJs, films and more. Find out more on the CPAC website.

Miss Hokusai (百日紅)

Dir Keiichi Hara / 2015 / 93 mins / Japanese w/ English subtitles / Unclassified 15+ (viewers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult)
February 3, 1:30pm-3pm

At the height of Japan’s Edo period, the famous artist Hokusai, known to his family as Tetsuzo, works in the nation’s buzzing capital also known as Edo, or Old Tokyo. In this ukiyo (floating world), the lack of concern for the future is embodied by Tetsuzo himself. Producing dazzling works for powerful clients, he is assisted by his talented and outspoken daughter O-Ei. She does not only help her father in the workshop – she is often left to deal with matters at home such as regularly visiting her mother and younger sister. Her motto “With 2 brushes and 4 chopsticks, we’ll get by anywhere” shows both her determination and also the way she sees herself as an equal partner to her erratic father.

The crepe myrtle (or sarusuberi) in their backyard is mentioned in a poem often used to describe the people of Edo, “Scatter briskly; bloom heartily.” While Japan developed during its seclusion from the world, so did O-Ei herself blossom despite being in the shadow of her renowned father.

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January 28, 2018

12:30pm – 2:05pm
Crayon Shin Chan: Bravo! Samurai Battle

3:00pm – 5:00pm

February 3, 2018

11:30am – 1:00pm
Crayon Shin Chan: Bravo! Samurai Battle

1:30pm – 3:05pm
Miss Hokusai

Free, bookings essential

1 Powerhouse Road
Casula NSW 2170



Touring Exhibition

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Western Sydney
January 10 – February 4, 2018

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Townsville
February 13 – March 11, 2018


About the venue – please contact Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre at (02) 9824 1121

About the film and exhibition – please contact The Japan Foundation, Sydney at (02) 8239 0055

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