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continuum Exhibition Catalogue


continuum: Independent animation from Japan and Australia

continuum: Independent animation from Japan and Australia is a group exhibition that celebrates the vibrant and subtly subversive works of contemporary independent animation from filmmakers across Australia and Japan. Connected by the concept of continuum as expressed through separate yet coalescing moments, these films tell us much about ourselves, often challenging long-held narratives surrounding our relationship to nature, history and each other.

Published on the occasion of the continuum: Independent animation from Japan and Australia exhibition held at The Japan Foundation, Sydney from February 18 to July 2, 2022.





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Published by The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Published on July 2, 2022
E-book ISBN: 978-0-6451243-6-1


 01.    Foreword
 03.    Curatorial statement
           Deborah Szapiro
 06.    Curatorial statement
           Honami Yano
 09   Exhibition images
 25.    Reflections in a hall of mirrors: Australian independent animation
           Deborah Szapiro
 31.    Embodying the tactile and the tangible in animation
           Simon von Wolkenstein
 39.    Animism in animation
              Honami Yano
 43.    Myaku-myaku to (脈々と); Or continuity in animation
              Kōji Yamamura
 49.    Light and shadows in House Rattler
             Shinobu Soejima
 55.    List of works
 60.    Biographies

 66.    Acknowledgements

Yurika Sugie
Susan Bui

Contributing Authors
Deborah Szapiro
Honami Yano
Simon von Wolkenstein
Kōji Yamamura
Shinobu Soejima

Darryl Jingwen Wee

Nina Serova


Daryl Prondoso

Header image: Kōji Yamamura, film still from Polar Bear Bears Boredom, 2021. ©︎Yamamura Animation


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